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Team Members at the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization

Jessica Melo: Founder/Chairwoman


Jessica Melo, Founder/Chairwoman of the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization and daughter of the late Eddie Melo founded Eddie Melo Legacy Organization to support amateur boxers and children who’s parent(s) were the victims of homicide.

With the help of her uncle “Jersey Joe” Melo she aspires to not only educate Canada’s amateur boxers and those who have been victims of homicides, they endeavor reaching out to all youths in hopes of giving them a platform where they can develop and grow into successful human beings.

Contact: jessie@eddiemelolegacy.org 

Joey Melo: Co-Founder/Co-Chairman


“Jersey Joe” Melo is the Co-Founder/Co-Chairman of the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization and brother of the late Eddie Melo. Together with his niece Jessica, he founded Eddie Melo Legacy Organization. Having been an amateur fighter and growing up in the streets of Toronto during the 70’s and 80’s taught “Jersey Joe” Melo to appreciate less fortunate individuals as he too was one. More so, after Eddie Melo was murdered. Hence, reason Joe and Jessica began the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization.

Contact: joe@eddiemelolegacy.org

Eddie Montalvo: Director of Operations


Heading the “Eddie Melo Legacy Organization Invitational Amatuer Boxing Championships” will be Eddie Montalvo. Eddie grew up in New York’s Spanish Harlem during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; a former amateur boxer who won Bronze Gloves at the 1979 (139lbs) & 1984 (147lbs) New York City Golden Gloves. And in 1985, he Won the PAL Eastern Regionals Championships and a Bronze medal at the 1985 Empire State Games, both in the Middleweight division. He is also involved in mentorship and is a women’s boxing advocate. He currently sits on the Board of the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame as its Executive Director.

Montalvo joined the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization as its Director of Operations.

Contact: eddie@eddiemelolegacy.org

Michael Semczyszyn: Director of IT Operations

College Student, working towards the completion of a degree in Computer Network Security and Informatics. Brings Technical expertise to the organization evolving around all facets of computers, mobile technology, IT security and app development. Has always been interested in assisting with community activities and events.

Contact: michael@eddiemelolegacy.org

Luigi Calomeni: Advisor


Retired Teacher. 30 years experience teaching business and computer science to high school students. Has always believed that with the right guidance, teenagers are able to discover and work towards fulfilling their potential, either directly or indirectly bring these skills to the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization.

Contact: luigi@eddiemelolegacy.org

Mark Breland: Ambassador

Mark Breland, a 5x NYC Golden Gloves Champion, 2x World Amateur Boxing Champion, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist and former 2x World Welterweight Champion, has come aboard the EMLO Invitational Amateur Championships as its Ambassador. His trajectory inside and outside of the sport precedes him. Mark is considered to be the Best Amateur Boxer of All Time. So his participation as an Ambassador is Heaven sent and having Mark as our ‘Ambassador’ brings a spark to our goal. We are confident that this is the beginning of a wave of change in Amateur Boxing.

Contact: breland@eddiemelolegacy.org

Iran “The Blade” Barkley: Mentor

3x World Boxing Champion Iran “The Blade” Barkley joins EMLO as one of its mentors. Barkley brings so much as a mentor; from growing up in the South Bronx to becoming a 3x World Boxing Champion to hitting rock bottom. So having him part of Eddie Melo Legacy Organization is a Blessing.

John “The Iceman” Scully: Mentor

John “The Iceman” Scully is a New England and National Amateur Boxing Champion, former World Light Heavyweight contender and former New England Middleweight Champion. John, initiated “The Iceman Scully Amateur Boxers Reunions” several years ago to show some love for former amateur fighters whether they had 1 fight of 100+ fights and he has been successful in having numerous former and/or current world amateur or professional boxing champions attend his events. John is considered the “Encyclopedia of Amateur Boxing.” Eddie Melo Legacy Organization is very happy to have him on board.

Contact: scully@eddiemelolegacy.org

Junior “Poison” Jones: Mentor

Junior “Poison” Jones amateur champion and 5x World Boxing Champion, best known for defeating the legendary Mexican Super Bantamweight World Champion Marco Antonio Barrera is, one charismatic individual who not only brings excitement and lots of knowledge with him; he also keeps the vibe alive and humorous with his many practical jokes. A vibe which is healthy and contagious.

Contact: juniorjones@eddiemelolegacy.org

Tom Patti: Mentor

Tom Patti is an American politician, a businessman, and public figure. Tom is also a 5-time state Amateur Boxing Champion; a Silver Medalist at the 1985 New York Empire State Games and Silver Gloves winner at the 1986 NYC Golden Gloves. Tom and Mike were the last two fighters to live with Cus. After Cus passed away, Tom Patti became Tyson’s manager and coach. Tom brings vast experience and knowledge not only within the sport of boxing but in life.

Contact: tom.patti@eddiemelolegacy.org

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