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The Eddie Melo Legacy Organization is proud to announce that the following individuals will be participating in the Amateur Boxing Show. 

Mark Smither – Uptown Boxing Club

Marvelous Mark is 26 years old. He is graduate of Police Foundations Program – Georgian College and is currently applying for a position with the Ontario Provincial Police. His boxing career began when he was 13 years old. His achievements include 2x Provincial Champion, 2x Brampton Cup Champion and has been a competitor at the Nationals 3 times. He is a veteran of 90 fights and boxes in the 69kg weight division. He mentors young boxers at the Uptown Boxing Club in Barrie Ontario

Lawrence King Jr. – Rochester Fight Factory

Lawrence King Jr. is 23 years old and stands 6’3” at 178 Lbs. He started boxing following in his fathers footsteps at the age of 6 years old. King Jr. is a well decorated amateur boxer with over 197 fights winning 6 national titles.

Lawrence is also a seven times Region 1 Buffalo Golden Glove Champion and is currently the ranked number 3 boxer in the 178 division in the United States. Lawrence King Jr currently serves as a Monroe County Sheriff in Rochester New York. This will be Lawrence King’s last amateur bout before he becomes a professional boxer.

Angie Miles – Rochester Fight Factory

Angie Miles (19) is an independent young lady who is most proud of her high school grades that held her on the honor roll list from 9th through 12th grade. She is currently attending a Rochester Boasis program to become Licensed Nurse Practitioner. Her favorite hobby is dancing which is why her entrance application was excepted to attended School of the Arts High School in Rochester New York. Like her twin brother Messiah Miles, her short term goal is to represent the United States at the 2020 Olympic Games. Angie competed at the 2016 and 2017 USA Nationals and earned quite a name for herself within USA Boxing. Angie is the proud winner of the 2016 Outstanding Female Fighter of the year award

Angel Gonzalez – Rochester Fight Factory

Angel Gonzalez is a resident of Irondequoit N.Y where he attends East Irondequoit High School. Angel loves to listen to music to escape the harsh realities of life. Angel is the 2016 and 2017 National Silver Glove Champion. He acquires these back to back National Silver Championships with little experience in the sport. His long-term goal is to become the greatest to ever step inside the ring as an elite professional boxer.

Jarrill Haadi – Rochester Fight Factory

When it comes to boxing, Jarril “Birdman” Haadi is no stranger to the sport. Haadi started boxing when he was 7 years old to escape the streets of Baltimore Maryland. His uncle Calvin Ford who is the trainer for World Champion Boxer Gervante “Tank” Davis laid the foundation of his nephew’s boxing skills until Haadi decided to take 4 year break from the sport at the age of 16. Haadi Moved to Rochester NY after finding himself living a mischievous lifestyle in Baltimore MD. Jarrill settled down and found his perfect match and is now married with a beautiful newborn daughter. Jarrill’s long term goal is to provide the best quality of life he can for his daughter and his wife who he cherishes so much.

Mohamed (Mighty Moe) Zawadi – Uptown Boxing Club

Moe is 17 years old. He is attending St. Peter’s High School in Barrie. He arrived on the boxing scene at the young age of 8 years old. He is currently boxing in the 75kg. weight division. He has won the Brampton Cup 3x, 2105 Golden Gloves Champion, 2016 National Champion – Best Junior Boxer, 2017 National Champion, 2018 National Champion – Best Youth Boxer, 2018 Intercontinental Bronze Medal Winner. Moe’s goals include the Youth World Championships and the Youth Olympics with his sights on the 2024 Olympics.

Scarlet Delgado – Delgado’s Boxing Club

Scarlett Delgado has been boxing for 6 years, and is ranked 4th in Canada, in both the 54kg and 57kg division. She competed, and won, against well recognized Bianca Paquin, former 3X Canadian champion and has fought overseas in the Dominican Republic and Ireland bringing home wins for Canada on both occasions. Scarlett also competed in two Canadian National Championships.

Messiah Miles- Rochester Fight Factory

Messiah Miles is a 19 year old resident of Rochester New York, who graduated at the top of his class at Franklin High School 2017. He currently attends Daemon College looking to earn a degree in Health and Wellness with a major in Physical Therapy. Messiah’s short term goal is to become a member of the 2020 US Olympic Team. As a long term goal, Messiah would love to serve a full career as a police officer in the Rochester Police Department. Messiah started boxing at the tender age of 6 years old and enjoys most because it has helped him learn how to control his anger. Although Messiah has won multiple National Titles and was ranked the number 3 boxer in the US in 2017, he is most proud of earning the Most Outstanding Student award from Franklin High School in his graduating year.

Sunny Thind – King of The Ring Boxing

18-year-old Satwinder “Sunny” Thind trains out of King of the Ring Boxing Club, Brampton. Trained by head coach Ajaz Khan.

Sunny has 40 amateur fights and is a 2x Canadian National Champion. He also competed in commonwealth games twice, winning a bronze medal in his first appearance. He has aspirations of becoming a police officer and of representing Canada in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Michael Quach- Stockyards Boxing

Bio Pending

Favio Monico Gallo – Sully’s Boxing Gym

Bio Pending

Graham Matthews – Sully’s Boxing Gym

Photo & Bio Pending

Kofe Sarpong – Stockyards Boxing Gym

Photos and Bio Pending

Current Matchups:

Mark Smither (Uptown) vs Kofe Sarpong (Stockyards) sr. op.

Sunny Thind (KOR) vs Lawrence King (Rochester) sr. op.

Favio Monico Gallo (Sully’s) vs Mohamed Zawadi (Uptown) sr. op

Scarlet Delgato (Delgato’s) vs Angela Miles (Rochester) sr. op

Michael Quach (Stockyards) vs Jarrill Haadi (Rochester) sr. op.

Graham Matthews (Sully’s) vs Messiah Miles (Rochester) sr op.

Angel Gonzalez, 14 yrs old 110 LBS open Class (Rochester) TBA

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