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Eddie “L’ouragan” (“the hurricane”) Melo was a Canadian Boxing middle weight and light heavy weight Champ. He was a huge star in boxing turning pro at just 17 years old. Born in Ribiero Quente, Azores  Portugal he immigrated to Canada at a young age and found himself being taken under the wing of Earle O’Sullivan, fondly known as “Sully”. Eddie began training at Sully’s Ossington street gym in Toronto and rose quickly in gaining recognition as a fast and hard hitter, gaining the name “L’Ouragan” by Quebec fans meaning “The Hurricane” for his fast hands and foot work as well as his ability to put his opponents to the canvas quickly.


[zozo_vc_section_title classes=”margin-bottom-20″ text_align=”left” title=”EDDIE MELO LEGACY ORGANIZATION” title_weight=””]“Guys used to tell me when I was a kid I was headed for trouble, to keep my nose clean, all that stuff, but as a kid you don’t believe anything. Here I am now saying the same things to other kids.”


The Eddie Melo Legacy Organization has been founded by his daughter, Jessica, and his brother Joey in memory of the late Eddie “the Hurricane” Melo, championship Canadian boxer, and contender at a young age for the Canadian Light Heavyweight and middleweight Championship. Eddie was tragically murdered, at the age of 40.

Since her father’s death, Jessica has been determined to help others in her father’s name.

The Mission of the Organization is best summed up by the words of Jessica herself. She said the organization is about “helping young at risk amateur boxers experience positive influence and sociability and to help keep them off the streets and in the boxing gym. As well as children who have lost a parent due to a homicide, … giving back to them and sponsoring them through athletics, academics, fine arts… anything that can help lessen the burden and give them support during such a tragic time.”

Born in Portugal, Eddie came to Canada with his family at a young age, and is the the eldest of five children. He was given the opportunity by Sully O’Sullivan, to train which is when he found his passion for boxing, and by seventeen, with hard work and dedication, he became a professional boxer with an unprecedented record of wins in the ring, and was deemed one of Canada’s most exciting boxers.

A sportsman and a gentleman, Eddie always wanted to give back, he encouraged kids. He saw boxing in particular as a great, positive channel for the enthusiasm of youth, and to keep them off the streets and out of trouble and learn about respect and being true to yourself. Now the Organization hopes to do so in his name, reaching out to all sorts of underprivileged youth with education, training, sponsorships and other events including arranging several amateur cards for up and coming boxers to compete and fine-tune their skills in the ring.

Adds Jessica: ” It is going to be life changing … doing something good on behalf of my dad, because I know that is what he would be doing if he was here.[/zozo_vc_section_title][zozo_vc_content_carousel infinite_loop=”true” navigation=”false” items=”1″ items_scroll=”1″ items_tablet=”1″ items_mobile_landscape=”1″ items_mobile_portrait=”1″]

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[zozo_vc_section_title classes=”margin-bottom-40″ text_align=”left” title=”Hall of Fame Inducting Eddie Melo on May 5, 2018 in Woodstock, Ontario” title_weight=””]The Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame will be hosting their 2018 induction ceremony at Goff Hall on May 5th.
Here’s a list of this year’s inductees;  EDDIE MELO / Sammy Luftspring / Frankie Genovese / Arthur King / Johnny Coulon / Travis Sugden / Billy Irwin / Gary Summerhays / Johnny Kalbhenn / Willie Featherstone / Matthew Hilton.

President Dameon Okpsoio says it will be a full day event. “People can come at 1pm or they can come a 5pm, they can come whenever they want. It ends at 9pm and their food and drinks will be covered during the induction ceremony.”

Those who come earlier in the day will be able to meet the inductees and check out a Boxing Trade Show. The ceremony sold out over the past two years when it was held in Mississauga. Dave Hutchinson explains why they decided to move it to Woodstock.

“Woodstock is in a great location; a half hour from Kitchener, a half hour from London and a half hour from Brantford. Some great boxers from those towns have been and will be inducted into the hall of fame like Gary Summerhays, Lennox Lewis and Fitz Vanderpool.”

Tickets for the event are SOLD OUT, thank you to all that SUPPORTED US.[/zozo_vc_section_title]

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In the boxing world, Eddie Melo was a rising star. A former Canadian middleweight champion, and originally from Portugal, Melo was known as “The Hurricane” – a force in the ring.  But outside the ring, Melo was all about family and helping young boxers make their mark in the sports world.

Tragedy hit the Melo family in 2001 when Eddie was murdered.  Sixteen years later, his legacy is being honoured through the Eddie Melo Legacy Organization.

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